It is the Most Beautiful Day

My seven year-old Transparent apple tree and her sister branch of Benvoulin apples are blooming gloriously today. We have all been getting ready for this for a year now, and are very excited. Transparent is so beautifully white! She smells of roses.

And Benvoullin is tinged with pink. She smells of roses, too. We have been talking about very serious stuff on this blog, but nothing is as serious as this.

Look at Transparent shine! She came all the way from Poland for this.

And look at Benvoulin open her very last pink blossoms. She came all the way from Okanagan Mission for this, and her mother, well, she’s keeping that secret.

Of course, this is not just any other day. The guests are coming to the feast.

Dressed in gold. Note the hopeful crab spider wearing camouflage.

The guests are coming with pollen in their elbow purses!

What a day to give thanks! What a joy to do so.  Today, we invite the bees, and today the tree invites us to return in August and September to receive our own gifts of seeds, to carry through the years.

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  1. The Transparent apple (same Name: “Klarapfel” in German) is one of my favourites, but hardly to get in shops or even on markets, these days. In my childhood, it was a common part of the fruit tree alleys, always fine when going by bicycle.


    • Yes, poor Klarapfel. She doesn’t like industrial packing lines, at all, and just isn’t interested in staying fresh for weeks or months to meet the needs of industrial food marketting. This makes her admirable and wise.


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