Will You Decide to Stay?

If you’re looking for nature, why not go to the Chasm? A whole continental glacier drained out through here not that long ago.

But if you’d rather get to know yourself, why not perch on the cliff-edge and read the news.

Yes, yes, you can read the geological story beneath the skin of nature, and even point out that the red line here is an ancient, burnt soil, like the skin of trees on the cliff right now, sandwiched between basalt flows from the vents of the Chilcotin Plateau, indeed, but every human or animal figure you can pick out from this cliff changes hour by hour and season by season, in accordance with the moods of the sun, the atmosphere, and, well, you.

Of course, you can go for it all at once, as an image that can’t be broken down into words.

Are you going to let the colonial mind do that to you? And not chat with the Golden Man for a half hour before the sun takes him away?


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