Nature Photography

Thought and Memory on Watch Over the Grasslands

The grasslands are ruined and replaced with a colony of weeds from the russian steppes, with toxins and diesel fuel in their veins. It is often true, and a source of our grief. Is all lost? Not, perhaps, in Oðin’s world, that civilization that almost rose to be the equal of the great civilizations of the Orient, India and China, able to describe our one world in unique terms and provide unique solutions. Here are the ravens Huginn and Muninn, Thought and Memory, which replaced the eye that Oðin plucked out of his head and threw into the pool at the roots of the World Tree, and which gave him all the wisdom on the world. They’re watching out from a gravel pile made of an ancient grassland. But which is which? Is that Thought in the clear, looking out, and Memory, leading the way but screened by knapweed from Russia?p1480300

Or is it the reverse? Is that Memory below, in the clear, while Thought is hopping down the slope, teasing in the dream of laying an egg soon enough?p1480375

What world are they planning to hatch? What does Oðin see through this eye? In Mediterranean-based traditions of civilization, we would describe their independence and darkness as the pupil or puppet in an eye, the self that the will directs in the mind before releasing into the world, but in Oðin’s World, is the thought and memory in the world, and mind, in its egg of bone, as the sky is an egg, what is hatched from it? Look at them discuss the possibilities.

p1480317 p1480316 p1480314

Thought and memory are always watching. They are the black hole in the eye.

p1450476 The sky is the eye. What we do beneath its gaze, thought and memory “see.” It is possible, in other words, to think with the world, outside of individualistic consciousness. It is a path that is our heritage. Our ancestors turned from it during the last century. We live in the ruins and weeds that turning made. It is perhaps time to go down to the well. It is time to take up the banner of civilization again.


It is time to rejoin the conversation. It is time to talk. Kalook!



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