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The Chilcotin Ark Gets Her First Review

You know, it’s great to wander in the hills and across the basalt plateaus and write this blog, and to come home and work with good friends to make amazing books about an Earth that needs our help. Here’s the book I spent last year (and more) helping the photographer Chris Harris put into shape.

It tells the story of a man’s lifetime as an adventurer and photographer on the Basalt Sea, and the people he met along the way, who guided him and passed on the land to him. This land:

The 8,000(+)-year-old Pinnacles Trail to the Central Coast

This land is in our care, for our children. It’s so great, for them, that the book has been well received. Have a look:

That’s the work we’re doing here on Okanagan Okanogan. Thanks for your energy. It means the world to me. And thanks, Chris, for trusting me to help shape your vision.


Chris Harris. Source

The journey to celebrate and protect this land and those who love her continues.



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  1. Thank you Harold for your wonderful words. As the mountains guided me to images and stories, you guided me with words. The book would have been a pale effort without you…we did this book together and I so appreciated that adventure together. I feel enriched sharing stories about the Chilcotin Ark as you do with the Okanagan. Lets continue our separate journeys together.


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