Aerial Mysteries Over Coldstream

For a week now, a hole of air, either empty of cloud or filled with it distinctly from surrounding cloud, has formed over the city of Coldstream, close to the eastern end of Kalamalka Lake. It’s faint, but unmistakeable. The images below were taken over the previous three days, at different times of day. The area in question is in the middle of each image.

p1480101 p1480100p1480119 p1480106 p1480100 p1470708

The changes happen rapidly. What is empty can fill in a few minutes, and empty again in one, or the space can remain stable for hours. Is this the city projecting heat? If so, why just there? Is it a confluence of air patterns, meeting over the mouth of the lake? Is it a reflection of energies deep under the earth? How long has this been going on? Is it new? Is it old? Does it matter that the area beneath this hole in the sky was an ancient syilx village? Am I seeing a language that others can read easily? I don’t know. As I was wondering, this faint sun dog appeared, to the north…


Look at the cloud around it. It’s like the Aurora, made of ice. It lasted for two minutes, then was gone. It did not have a twin. Pretty amazing cloud we’ve been having! Don’t you love the sky?

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