Un-Naming Okanagan Lake

If I look west down the arm of the fjord lake (Okanagan) from the beach down below my house, I see this kind of thing on some evenings …


… and this kind of thing on others.


One is called a mountain. One is called a cloud. They sure look like they’re responding to the same energy. This snow cloud, too.


This lake, in this fjord, in this deep fault, stretching down almost 1500 metres, has power.


And moods.p1440021

It’s in the same class of creature as glaciers and oceans.


Let’s stop calling her water.


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  1. Beautiful. Large lakes are as amazing as seas. And it is such a joy to swim in a lake in summer. The water is… kind of soft 🙂 Love that you show the different faces of this beautiful lake. Let’s stop calling her water. 🙂


    • I find that a swim in a lake is transformative. If you fully enter the water, over your head, the person who went in is not the person who comes out.


  2. If not water, then what? (This is not said in a challenging tone. I am just curious.) I wonder what work the original people of your region used for water…


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