Rodent Breath is Best

Snow everywhere, right? Whew!p1450981

Actually no. Around 20% of the land has no snow at all.p1450753 There’s a whole world down there! Here’s the entrance to a weasel’s den.p1450746

Here’s the sun the snow buckwheat has made out of solar heat, creating summer at the coldest time of the year.


Nicely done.


Here’s some rabbitbrush kind of just hanging out. Maybe not the best place for an under snow nest. Snow down your neck and all. Brr.p1460021

But, really, rodent breath is best.






Just think, you and your buddies nestled in down there, all breathing together into the cold.


And the neighbours, same thing.


And their neighbours.


So, I think you’ll agree, weasels are just fine and all, and the sun is beautiful when brought down to earth, but for a cloudy winter day rodent breath is best.



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