Black Widow Leaves Her Nest

Who needs a nest, a web, or any of that fooferall that ties a girl down so…P1140784

… when the mustard …


… ah, the mustard …


… does it all for you …


Wasp Remains

… eh?


Never seen the like of it, but there she is!

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  1. I had an encounter with one of those in the woods. We came to do camping, and there was some sort of bug in the place we wanted to put our things on. So I moved it out there with the stick and the second it landed on the ground in about a meter from the palce he was before a black widow just jumped on him and catched him. It was so fast, a mere second had passed… that was totally creepy and amazing at the same time:)
    P.S Wonderful photos…I woild be scared being that close…)))


    • Those are wonderfully fast spiders, that’s for sure. Thanks for your story, which deepens the mystery. They are everywhere in this landscape. Their webs absolutely cover the ceiling of my workshop, torn up by males as the weird pheremone marking thing that they do, guys eh, but the widows keep themselves hidden. I don’t go into a couple of hard-to-get-to corners, though! And in the crack behind the front step, no no, and behind that cactus in front of the garage, no way. She has an egg sac there. I really should move that thing.

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