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A Picnic in the Saskatoons

The saskatoons are getting ripe, and what a year for them it is.saskatoons

Some people don’t seem to get it. I mean, the earth gives gifts, and (*&^!!@#!!


A week ago, that young bush was full of berries. Well, there’s no accounting for the human need to surround the cave with skulls. Still, some people hire landscapers who plant domestic saskatoons for aesthetic reasons, to tie together the golf course, Arizona and Tuscan themes of the low-maintenance yard. They are nice and sweet! Yay!


Of course, when the low hanging fruit is gone, it’s gone. Pshaw. That’s so, like, as yesterday as fake stone facing for particle board fascia for pressurized copper-stained wood supports set on concrete poured into a concrete tube backfilled by a bobcat loader.


The does are off having their fawns now, so this event is purely stag, you understand.


The world is rich.



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  1. Hope there are some left for you to enjoy 🙂 We are leaving the spoils of our bush to the birds this year. Between the snow and the rain and the frost the harvest will be a small one. Which is okay, since last year we had a spectacular crop and continue to enjoy sask jam. I also have enough left for one more pie. Yum.


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