The Most Expensive Lakeview Lot in the Okanagan Valley?

If it’s not the most expensive single family building lot, I can’t find a pricier one. Note the cute little survey post.P2250486

It has a stunning view of Okanagan Lake.

Lots of early season sun, and a precocious climate for your shrubberies.


Saskatoon Reaching for the Sun on March 1

The valley floor, 200 metres below, isn’t this warm.

There’s room for your early flowers, too.


Sagebrush Buttercup on March 1

Just down the hill was an 8,000-year-old rattlesnake den which was blasted to bits to make room for a road to lead up here, so, good access, right?

Not to worry. Your Lexus can crush that tumbleweed, no problem.

But what’s this?


Could it be?


Yellow Bellied Marmots on March 1

Oh, I’m sorry. The lot’s taken. You’ll have to take your $750,000 and build somewhere else.

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