Global Warming, Human Made

It ain’t just smokestacks. Here’s a field of stones …


The panels were made to cover with plastic sheeting (now removed), into which were planted tomatoes. Here are some of them, looking a lot lie stones themselves…

The point of the panels was to heat the soil, so that tomatoes could be harvested in the early summer, rather than at its end, and harvest season could be moved up to fit with school schedules and holiday time for families. In the process of this socialization of the earth, the soil gets baked out of all organic matter, which is replaced by petrochemical fertilizers piped in through the water system. This, friends, is global warming.

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  1. Notice as well how the darkened earth does not retain snow (which reflects heat), although this is actually the season at which plants are beginning to grow for the spring (i.e. this is spring) by using the water that they capture by capturing the sun in their dead stalks. The resulting deaquification of the soil will result in even greater heat in the summer.


    • It’s a self-replicating loop. One farmer does it, they all have to do it. Sadly, the tradeoff is advertised as making sense: save water from evaporation in the summer, increase early production, reduce labour, and increase profits… in exchange for the unspoken: dead soil, increased desertification, increased water loss and heat absorption in the winter, and a spike in petrochemical use in place of human labour. All of it is in exchange for human labour.


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