Wetland Renewal and You

Have you loved your wetland today?P2100332 This one is three years old. P2100339 Just three!

P2100344Forget the doom and gloom for a moment.
P2100346 The earth has a capacity for renewal. This wetland is 100 metres above the valley floor, in the sagebrush. It is 2 kilometres long and 1-2 metres wide.P2100356 In three years. Reeds, sedges, rushes, willows, cottonwoods, they’re all here, where you wouldn’t expect water at all. And still beautiful.P2100358The secret? Put the damned weed-whacker down. Have a cool drink. Wait.

You won’t have to wait long. Now is the time for harvesting. What are you waiting for? Off to the reeds with you! What, you have too much joy in your life? Pshaw, off with you.P2100323

You don’t have to feel guilty about rejoicing.


You think the earth isn’t a place for joy?

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