Weird Canadian Shit

I know, I know, Canada is that nice country at the top of the world, but, um, folks. Look. Here’s an inukshuk, a trail marker from the extreme Arctic (a great spot), set up by a man with enough money to buy a piece of native (Syilx) land for millions, with a clay-floored tennis court and the works, that was originally stolen (yes) by the Prime Minister of Canada and the Premier (no, Google doesn’t know that’s a word, but, that’s, like, governor for you American folks) of British Columbia in a (get this) private (and illegal) meeting, in a place with more significant trail markers of its own. In fact, this cliff is a place which elderly Syilx people come to, of an afternoon, to spend time with their ancestors. And, instead of all that, the country of Canada sets up symbols of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, as if it were the 2010 Winter Olympics in, what, Inuvik, or something, on the Beaufort Sea. It’s nuts, that’s what it is. Other countries have their weird shit. This is ours.P1750749


It breaks my heart.

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