When Volcanoes Crumble Flowers Come

When the earth is spoken of in its own terms it becomes poetry and is a language for spirit, like this…

When rock catches sun and snow, lupins sprout and sagebrush buttercups and desert parsley bloom. Meanwhile the rock draws water out of the body of the earth, cracks with frost, turns to salt, and feeds the soil, over a few thousand years.



The sun draws water through the stems of the flowers in the same process, while the flowers follow underground water, which follows subsurface stone, in the same way …



… and then comes the sun, as called …


If the flowers are stone that has evaporated as salt into the air, then the wasp is salt that has fallen as rain from the air to the suns that salt has made out of water.

This too is science. (It is not, however, erosion.)

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