flower gardening

Greetings from the Easter Marmot


Happy Easter!

You can trust an animal that goes underground in August and comes up again Mid-April: sun, sun, sun and more sun!

Today’s is the 700th post on Okanagan Okanogan. You have responded with 52000 views and have taken the time to write to me 1050 times. Thanks, all of you, for sitting on the rocks for awhile in these volcanic islands between the mountains. The book this is all leading to, Atomic Okanagan, is halfway through its second major draft. I am so excited, it’s hard to drag myself away to all the other pressing work of spring. I’ll be finishing up another section for the Kelowna Art Gallery early in the week. Many other pieces are coming together. Without your continued support, it would not have been possible. Thank you, dankeschön, merci beaucoup, takk fyrir, and, well, here…

yellowArrow-leafed Balsam Root in the Easter Marmot’s Garden

That other rodent just brings chocolate wrapped in aluminum. 

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