First Peoples

The Achilles Heel of Justin Trudeau’s Canada

The leader of The Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has put his shoulder behind the wheel of a thing he calls “The Middle Class”. This is not the middle class that Marx wanted to abolish, as a representation of the social power of exploitive capital. It’s just that group of Canadians with money to spend, who can maintain the Canadian industrial economy by, well, buying stuff. The thing is, that definition cuts across social classes, which have nothing to do with money. Sometimes art says more than words, which can usually be made to mean anything at all. Here, for instance, is a security apparatus, for a definitely non-Middle Class, non-Liberal establishment seeking to raise money to help in the fight against abortion and the liberal rights the practice embodies.

P1150835Downtown Vernon, British Columbia

Not always a liberal (or a LIberal) place, but always full of class.

Think of that as a representation of the human body, and you get the idea. And here we go, to the edge of downtown, at the boundary of a local park and the huge new, very expensive, middle class subdivision that would warm Justin Trudeau’s heart.


More Non-Liberal Security

There’s an old Okanagan tradition of strewing one’s property with junked cars and equipment to stick it to creeping gentrification. That dog sure needs to relax a little, though. The way he was going on, he’s going to need throat lozenges, soon.

Think of it as a representation of the human body, and you get the idea. More than that, think of it as a representation of a social body, or, rather, its boundary. And what is Trudeau’s middle class up to? To da!


Vernon Subdivision for the Well-Heeled

The architectural style is a mix of Provence and the American Southwest.

Here’s the Bella Vista Hills, as re-sculpted by Trudeau’s middle class, for its enjoyment…

p1040409The Golf Course at the Rise

A bit of reused sewage outflow can really add a nice nitrogen gleam to the grassland hills.

Why, you’d almost think that a couple classes were at war. Here, for example, is the golf course’s neighbour’s land use strategy.


Private Rights at Any Price

It always seems to be the earth that loses in these inter-human squabbles.

Maybe all this talk of class is not really descriptive of what’s going on. Here’s the middle class’s university.


Symbols of Power and Post-Modernity at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan)

Now, that’s a colonial name, or what.

And here’s the institution’s landscaping.


Landscaping at UBCO

Why do they even bother?

Now, is it just me, or is the aesthetic and cheesy abuse of any kind of respectful relationship to the living things of the earth pretty universal, across class lines here?


Vernon Alley

Lower class alley (a residential area) used as a middle class parking lot and garbage disposal for the middle class business behind that red door.

How is that different than this?

dogNow, this cultural aesthetic has another manifestation, among the young (ish). This is Justin Trudeau’s demographic. Here’s a downtown business in Vernon, British Columbia, in the process of a remodel. That doesn’t stop a bit of irony from creeping in …
P1150839Indeed. Healing would be the perfect thing. Blabbing on about the not-so-middle middle class is just a way to continue national partisan party politics in the intrusion of our communities into a fragile and threatened biosphere. Politicians are the representations of the polis, or the community. The thing is, this is the community, too:

P1150739Syilx Indigenous Stone Fish Below Turtle Mountain

This character in an ancient story about social equality, which is written on the land, is surrounded by a very non-Middle Class neighbourhood. This, by the way, is what the middle class subdivision of Turtle Mountain looks down upon.

Canada and images of it are not ‘reality’. They are social and political struggles written out upon the land. It doesn’t matter what class Canadians belong to. This is what Canadians take part in. Given the need to address those issues, the desire of all classes to maintain the social and political construct of “Canada”, as it is, whether by building up the middle class or tearing it down or whatever, is selfish (if not plain insane) — unless someone like Trudeau can demonstrate how supporting it can make things better, i.e. reduce the erosion of the social commons called “the earth.” So far, he hasn’t done that. I hope he finds the courage to do so.

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  1. Have you sent this to Justin T, Harold? Possibly with a covering note? It just might be something his campaign would be interested in. (I hope!) More chances with him than with Mr Harper at any rate.


  2. Well, it’s a thought, thanks. It would be great if he could remove economic development from the middle class coat hook, as that just brings in all kinds of social red herrings.


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