Where is the Government?

The government is the people’s voice. Sometimes it appears that the government is hiding. Sometimes, one is surprised just where it’s got to. Here is the art that Vernon’s Gallery Vertigo put up at Okanagan College in Vernon this month.


Ryan Robson, Untitled

An issue with a wordless voice.

Here is the art that the government paid for outside.

P1380881 Gerd Maas, Destiny (Detail)

Gender equity, of course (It is, after all, a four-sided obelisk made out of melted mountain.)


Erected to Celebrate a Ceremonial Partnership with Korea

Here is the art we pay for outside the main doors of the college.

P1380868 Always a Friendly Face

Here is the art that reveals the Canadian Government’s secret hiding place today.

P1010835Well, yesterday. Today, they could be anywhere! Look around, if you can. You might find them in the darndest places. Here, for instance.

P1130503The provincial government pays up to $2.50 a tree (20 acres …2000 trees to the acre … whew!) to subsidize the planting of Royal Gala apples such as these, to counteract the effect of national government trade treaties with the United States. To which, we might add:


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  1. fun art and farming review. The gov`t, however, is a management team for Canada Corp., and the people are a nuisance who must trust their CEO`s and take what we can get. Art is the voice of the people.


    • Partly, indeed. Much of art these days, however, is not the voice of the people. New elites are being trained there, and we, the great unwashed, are unwelcome, as is the art we make. Logically enough, if we aren’t serving the management team. But it’s good for remember that art is only the voice of the people IF it is the voice of the people. There is nothing otherwise special about it that sets it above the base level for a society. Blessed be. Harold


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