The Humans are Insane

Why Do Geese Have Long Necks?

It’s because of alfalfa fields in ancient lake bottoms that drifted into gentle curves in post-glacial winds.

P1380757 It used to be that Canada Geese travelled south in the winter, but would you? To the Gulf of Mexico? With all that oil globbing things up? Really?

P1380756 When you could wander through the alfalfa like a flotilla of submariners instead? In return, the humans of the Okanagan go out to their nests in the spring and shake their eggs, so that they don’t reproduce. If you take an egg, they lay another. If you shake it, and kill the embryo inside, they keep sitting on it, but no chicks come. Oh, and the reason why humans are so dastardly and sneaky?

P1380746Canada geese poop on beaches. Hey, wait … that’s a reason? And, besides, does this look like a beach? No, it’s an alfalfa field. The image below is a beach …

P1370190Honk! Honk!

Note the lap dog footprint, bottom centre.

Let’s see if I have this right: 6 weeks of humans lying on the beach to turn their bodies brown in order to improve their recreational mating chances (addled by birth control measures) trumps 46 weeks of geese having access to life? Sometimes humans act as if they were insane. Here’s another picture to put geese, humans and lap dogs into scale…


Notice: No Goose Poop

That’s a pretty big goose. It has half of my footprint. I’m happy to give it that. Meanwhile, I’m left to contemplate a species that is so successful at reproducing that it prevents most reproductive acts from producing offspring in order to support its political hierarchies and has now extended this principle to other organisms on the planet, as if life, somehow, had to be contained in order to support human social, industrial and economic networks…which consist of people lamenting the fact that the earth is dying. Hunh? It’s insane, that’s what it is. So, to clear your mind, some sanity:

P1370260Ice, Water and Willow Leaves on Okanagan Lake Shore




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  1. Я была в музее гуся и мне интересны ваши фотографии и мысли. Спасибо за это.


      • Музей о гусях, а гуси в пруду.Первый зал в музее «Дом гуся» называется «Гусиный вернисаж», во втором — детские работы на гусиную тематику и работы мастеров декоративно-прикладного творчества. Стихи, сказки, песни, загадки о гусях. Фотовыставка «Гусиный мир в объективе». Спектакль народного театра кукол «Про гусёнка Гошу». В большом зале выставлены экспонаты: серого (дикого) гуся, богородского домашнего гуся и гусыни в гнезде. Дополнением к экскурсии служат стенды с фотографиями и информацией о гусях. В «гусиной канцелярии» можно написать гусиным пером. Осенью, на праздник гуся выставка гусей «Жили у бабуси два весёлых гуся», игровые площадки «гуси-гуси, га-га-га», фото с ростовыми куклами-гусями. У меня есть буклет этого музея. Могу выслать.Фото гусей нет.


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