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The Waxwings are Here!

As the snow sifted down yesterday afternoon, the  waxwings appeared, just in time. They settled in the poplars down the road, looking like winter blossoms.


These most wonderful birds devour all the berries left from summer, moving from bush to bush and tree to tree across the landscape as the winter progresses.

P1370067And they take turns! They are very polite and generous that way, and in the end everyone gets fed.

P1370077Some days I’m full of ideas, but right now I just want to say I love waxwings!

P1370065And that, I think, is a physical kind of idea that fits into a human rather than a statistical science. Humans and bohemian waxwings … together they make light.


And reflect it perfectly.

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    • So confusing. I used to say that but was vociferously corrected last year by an old-time birder. So now I don’t know. I hope they’re Bohemian. I like bohemians!


      • Yes, confusing indeed! After being outbirded by the old-time birder in our family about this particular bird (and then having to eat crow!), I will go out on my limb and state that this flock is indeed Bohemians. As our family member pointed out, the difference seems most apparent in the colour of the adults’ underparts. Cedars tend to make more of an appearance in our area (the Landing) in the summer, but I’ve also spotted them at other times throughout the year. And this year, they nested in our apple tree. Waxwings are such beautiful birds, and those trilling sounds…


      • Thanks,

        I have changed the post in honour of your wisdom. I like Bohemians better, because they filled the Cariboo with joy, for all the years I lived there.




    • At first I read that as “rusty underpants.”

      Note to Harold: This line “Some days I’m full of ideas, but right now I just want to say I love waxwings!” is a keeper. I’m adding it to my list of favorite quotes.


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