This Beautiful World (And how not to lose it)

Look what this lavender bush has done.

P1360148She has sieved leaves out of the wind. Or is it …

P1360147… she has stopped them from blowing away? Everywhere the earth is trying to get us to stop.

P1360197Snow Buckwheat in November Light

Long past the season of blossoming.

We stop just like the leaves in a bush of lavender and then a moment of wonder and balance comes, one of those moments we humans call beauty and the earth is.

P1360194Cottonwood Sapling

Such a young one at the beginning of a long career of giving up her leaves to whoever will have them.

Things are connected in place. That is a form of intelligence, written in a physical language. It’s not randomness that’s the active principle here. The principle is balance. It contains randomness but is not contained by it. Otherwise there’d be only death. So, a thought, today: when you go out into the grass or the woods or the rocks with children, don’t say it’s to satisfy their natural curiosity or to allow them their sense of wonder or for recreation. Be the wonder. Be the creation. Otherwise you aren’t.



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