Getting Dizzy Hunting Marmots in January

Following the new deer trail uphill because the clouds are so beautiful today.


Ah, the hawks are back. Here’s one looking for a marmot on Marmot Rock, on Marmot Hill.


And he circles around and comes back.

No marmots yet.

Maybe another circle?

No marmots yet.

Try again!

No marmots yet.

Around again. This time on the other side of the siya?, from the other direction!

Nope. No marmots yet.

Real close now. Shhhh.

No marmots yet. Ah, hunting with a friend, that’s the life.

Wider circles now. No darned marmots.

Around and around we go. Don’t give up!

No marmots.

How about over here?

Or the other way?

I know. What about sneaking in just behind the bush, from over the hill, whoosh?

And a second pair of eyes off your right wing?

No marmots.

Midwinter spring is a lousy time to hunt for marmots.

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    • Good point. What about a young marmot? They look awfully delicious. Perhaps it was voles. What are voles doing romping about at this time of year on Marmot Hill? Silly things.



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