Mom is Poisonous But We Love Her Still

What do potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, tobacco, petunias, jack o’lantern plants, ground cherries, tomatilos, and chilies have in common? Mom!

P1290033 Common Nightshade. BX District.

Look at these variations in colour. Talk about a dynamic genome!

P1290127 Yeah, I know, Mom’s poisonous. But she’s beautiful nonetheless.


Her children are important sources of medicinal drugs. Around here, she grows in ditches, like these plants. Beats me why we don’t have a breeding program. If this is poison, we need more of it!

P1290124Lots more!

P1290246Oh, and who else is surviving in our roadside ditches, ignored by all?


We need more ditches.




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    • Not related, but sure looks nice. Anyway, it’s a really valuable crop and there it is, living in water in a landscape said to have no water. The area around it is economically depressed, if not just abandoned, and there it is. I was trying to get to the idea that when society turns away from valuable crops, having ditches and ignored spaces is great, because they can survive there, to be available to another generation.


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