Talking Green Water

On Tuesday, September 17, I will be presenting words and images in a discussion about green water and new agricultural opportunities in the Okanagan Valley.


Green Water Slowing Global Warming in Vernon

Green water is water that passes through plants, rather than flowing in streams and pooling in lakes.

The green water story is quite surprising in the Okanagan. I hope to provide my insights from two years of the Okanagan Okanogan project in an entertaining and inspiring form. The presentation will take place outdoors at the Allan Brooks Nature Centre in Vernon. Time 7:30 pm. We’ll move indoors if the weather makes that a really grand idea.

Allan Brooks Nature Centre

On Allan Brooks way, off of the Commonage Road to Predator Ridge. The best view in the valley.

See you there!

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  1. I’m sure you’ll have an entertaining and fascinating evening, Harold. Too bad the trip from Toronto is such a long commute!
    Back a few days to your grape meditation: when do you start the harvest of those wild fruits? Or will you leave them in the hope of ice wine? (I am way behind on correspondence, as you can see.)


  2. What a fascinating topic, Harold! I wish I was there: and it’d be nice to have something to set against the straightforwardly apocalyptic, in relation to climate change and collective human responses thereto….


    • It would indeed be good to have you there. As you figured out, I don’t intend apocalypse at all but good news and positive ways of thinking about (or re-imagining) water. There are things we can do. Some are very simple. Some are more expensive. But we can do something.


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