Living Water on the Chilcotin Plateau

 Some landscapes are made by wind. Not these ones in the Chilcotin Basalt, inland from the glacially-carved volcanic arc of the Coast Mountains.

P1190824 Big Bar Eskers

This is where the glaciers melted 10,000 years ago, leaving the land in an exotic covering of river patterns. Look at the water that has taken the place of some of the last ice, like a tidal pool after the moon has pulled the sea away …

P1190898 Eroded Eskers, Big Bar Lake

Here, too, in between the flowing eskers…

P1190850 The land, as you can see, was not so much carved by the ice as laid down around it by vast gravel bearing rivers …P1190851The life of this land will forever follow those ancient flows.

P1190886Big Bar Eskers, with Droplets of Juniper

In this land, life is a continuation of the melting of the ice.


Young Loon, Big Bar Lake Wetlands

A good place to rise from the water and practice flying!


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  1. Water, trees,mountains -looks like they always fascinate ,no matter what geographical coordinates they belong to! Your post is special to me as I’ve just posted some similar wievs-the comparison betveen your plateau and Jezersko (vlage on an plateau surounded by Alps) is intetesting, we could all learn something here, don’t you think so?


    • the way you bring it forward into human culture in this place is moving. Here the original people have been cleared away and replaced with “wilderness”, which is a created object. I’d love to hear more from you on the human-stone-water dance.


  2. Do you really believe that ‘forever’, Harold? Or is it until the next ice age? Or dessertification? Or a tropical invasion? I suppose opinion hardly matters as none of us will be here to check the outcome!


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