Rain Craters and Rain Fossils

It rained a couple inches in the June monsoons, it drained away, and it rained a little more on the muddied post-glacial lakebed silt.

rainfossil2Rain Craters

The Moon and Mars only get rocks dropping on them. Poor things.

P1090407Rain Fossils

It’s not so much the bird footprint that is recorded here as the moment just after the rain stopped and before the sun started burning once more.

The earth is a time recorder.



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    • I like the way you’re thinking. I bet one could do it, but for this footprint, no. It’s in a roadway used by tractors and a pickup truck. By mid-August, it will be dust, blowing in the wind. Still, intriguing idea you have there. One could set up a situation, with plaster even, and get the birds to walk across it. An alternate form of image making than photography!


  1. i noticed some slumping below a subdivision, but did not want to look at it, the sadness around all the gouges, neglect for the small untouched strip of orphan nature, oh well sorry about negativity..


    • Ah, yes. That’s one of the reasons for doing this writing. 1. There are things to love. 2. The story is wrong. 3. There are things to stop before they go any further.

      Sometimes you have to name them for what they are.

      So, not negativity: clarity.


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