Spirit of Place

While I’m working on a post about new water technology, here’s a beautiful image of a wasp foraging in the staghorn sumac flowers up the hill. It haunts me.


To see an enlarged version of this image (well worth it), click here.

I’ve always wondered how “spirit of place” could intersect with the scientific terminology of dominant contemporary mythologies. I think I get it now. One of the favourite terminologies of contemporary art-making is the concept of space: every gesture makes a space, and it is that space, rather than the made-object, that is the art moment. So the theories go. Well, I was looking at Fuse Magazine’s Palestine issue, and came upon this article

P1080129 Here’s a closer look at the image …

P1080132… and a closer look at the words …

P1080130Space, in the Words of Artists

In the words of a person anchored in place, the right word would be spirit.

It seems a gesture of poverty and imprisonment not to use it in its rightful place.

P1070863Spirit in My Driveway

Purslane, a favoured palestinian salad herb, self seeded in the gravel and thriving in a culture that considers it a weed.

If space is a spiritual frontier, so is spirit a spatial one.

Now, on to the water!

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