flower gardening

A British Columbian Gardener in Iceland? Must Be!

Oh-oh, looks like Canadian folk culture garden design has hit Iceland. That can only mean trouble, with a capital Rouble. Take a look here on Noatun in Reykjavik…



See That?

An Okanagan Man’s Work for Sure

Some of the highlights include:

Truly high quality work with the blue tarp there. A Canadian gardening and home repair stand-by.

Beautiful placement of the wine barrel. Gives that country vineyard look.

Great insertion of the potted plants from last year, that never got planted, and look at that, some of them are still growing, so it goes to show you, eh.

And the reusable plastic trays… why, straight from behind a fruit stand after apricot season.

Oh, there’s just too much. I’m overwhelmed: the dead tree, the hacked-off and regrown limbs, the greenhouse become a plastic tent, the wheelbarrow that’s now a planter, I think, and the bright orange buoy in the background. It’s an entire artistic tradition, in embryo, that can, in a pinch, serve as a war against the earth and a deeply-rooted love for it at the same time, and how profound is that? Very!

Icelanders, when you see the orange tarps, you’ll know the invasion is almost complete.

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