The Sun Rises in Reykjavik

This is Reykjavik. I’ve left the farm, but Tra la la, down through the heart I go. P1530262


The Heart’s Way

Apartment staircase in Reykjavik

… and peek out through the heart’s window …


What Your Blood Sees

(when it flows from your head down through your neck. Neat, huh!)

… and down the street to get some groceries, la de da, not seeking wisdom, not in a hurry for getting those tomatoes, but just, looking, you know…



Another Window in the Heart?

A little unsteadily, I dare a look …

P1530265No, Just an Artery Drained of Oxygen

Move on.

So, going along and breathing deeply and all that, in rhythm with the footsteps (walking is an excellent lung pumping system… the body is a bicycle …) Focus, Harold!



Some streets aren’t meant for loitering and dreaming!



They are meant for crossing. So I cross, and who do I find, as if he were waiting for me …


Old King Gylfi of Sweden

Dressed as Odin (aka Gandalf, aka Gunnar Gunnarsson) he went East seeking wisdom, in an old grey coat, and disguised as a peasant. He’s now the champion of the Icelandic Theosophical Society, who have nicknamed their magazine, Gangleri, after him.

Talk about meeting old friends in an unexpected spot! My youth was spent with Madame Blavatsky and Gurdjieff and the whole bunch, and a fine time full of light it was, sitting under a sumac tree with a dear Buddhist and watching the stars blow over the earth like seeds cast by the hand of the wind. So, well, yes, I can see it’s time to look back and see from where one has come, eh, and what was, so to speak, blocking the path to wisdom …



Ah, just an ancient building , updated to new design standards. Well, well, well… Let’s follow Gylfi, then, and see where he’s leading us …



Gadzooks! More of the Old in the Process of Being Made New

Well, steel yourselves, and let’s look into the belly of the beast…


Wow. Complicated. 

Great colour balance, though. Hats off to the art teachers of the Icelandic school system.

But, we’re Ganglers not pit diggers, so on we go, out into the street and around, before the king gets out of sight …


Demons Hiding Behind Fences!

Sheesh. Hurry along.

Ah, now this is more like it!


Spiritual work should be joyous, right? It’s like a big piano, and if you play leapfrog on the keys in the right order you can stay a child forever. But, no, something else is blocking the path (I do believe that sidewalks were an afterthought in these parts!)…

P1530256But, what’s that?


But, what’s that?


That is the sun and then the sun rising in the mind.


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