What a Living Earth Does

It breathes.


Hengifoss Waterfall Shaking off Its Ice …

… and taking a deep breath.

The old words are best.


In fact, today the Highlands were being scoured clean of old snow. Down here, it was being caught and turned into light…


Skriðuklaustur Grass

Before poetry was turned into an intellectual pastime, it was an accurate way of describing the earth. It could differentiate in fine ways between this …


… and this …


… by the only means it had, attention. Look at that line of tension running through the centre of the image, and the other one running beside that. More importantly, perhaps, it could differentiate between those and this …


It’s still the only way of doing that. What our ancestors knew is that it was possible to observe the cosmos without intervention that the human body couldn’t express. Precise language for energy and the transfer of matter into energy and back again was developed, using the things that extremely poor people had at hand. The things of the earth. There is still no other language for it.


Without that language, humans live the greatest poverty, one in which there is only one word left for such things: Beautiful! And once men and women and the smallest children spoke the language of the universe. Some still do. When the poverty becomes so great that even life is gone from the world …


A Petro State Near You

… we will need those old tools again, to rebuild a world capable of supporting human life, one word at a time, one breath at a time.


A Living Earth Does Not Breathe Chemical Elements

It breathes spirit. There are words for this.

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