Winter Sunset

For weeks, I have been growing increasingly excited about the luminous, directionless white light that has been filtering down through the clouds. Yesterday, I pointed out how the sun is not yellow, but white, the same colour as the moon. There’s more to that story, when you get up above the fog…

P1180328Sunset at Silver Star Mountain

All the very accurate talk about sunsets being caused by the long rays of the sun, filtered of its blues and greens by having passed a long distance through the atmosphere do miss a vital point:

P1180353These beautiful effects are caused when the sun strikes the earth. They are observed by humans, who are a part of that earth, and, what’s more, it all moves in time:


The draping of a three dimensional space with time is the classic definition of sculpture.


After it was defined like that, it was art, created by men. Before it was defined like that, it was art, created by the earth…

P1180339…and the sun.


Jet Trail Across the Sunset Sky

It’s time to return humans to their rightful place in the balance of things. The first step would be to admit that art is part of the fabric of the universe first, and of humans second.

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  1. Harold — These are stunning images of a stunning place. Thanks! Maureen Slow Curve Out New poems Published by Pedlar Press. Available October 2012.

    “What comes first, the tide rising or the tide falling?”


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