A Child is Born on the Road

The Road bridges east and west. On the camino, on her way east and west far to the northeast of the pilgrims walking the popular route of the Camino in Spain, the huntress of the moon …

riesaDiana, Riesa, Saxony

… became quick with the world …


Maria (Diana), Rheinland-Palatinate

Still with her moon, but now with the ancient snake of the earth as well.

…and offered it to all people of faith. Farther east, in Silesia, in the old heart of Europe, she was reborn from the tree of knowledge, and offered its fruit …


Maria, Görlitz, Lower Silesia

… purified …


Honeycrisp, Orchard Hill

This year, the okanaganokanogan orchard produced one five-pointed star. It was good. Today a Child was born. Today, we are that child, each of us, reborn in our families and orchards and forests, wherever and whatever they are. Blessings, be blessed, and be.

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