Planet of Wonder

This is what comets look like when long elliptical orbits bring them close to the sun and they are captured by the gravity of large hunks of rock that are floating around there…


Still following gravity after all these years.

For the latest news on the development of the Big Bang, come for a walk with me at dusk in the wet season. There are complex mathematical equations …

Saskatoon, or …

… mathematics without the cerebral unghHHrgh.

There are complicated graphs of space-time …


Super String Theory

There is even something more …

Life, or…

…the art of holding time still.

These are all what the Big Bang looks like after 13,750,000,000 years. The telescopes that look into deep space see what it looked like when it was a wee mite, which is a beautiful thing, as all babies are, but now it’s a young adult and looks like this:

Choke Cherries

Hanging in for the count. Winter? Pshaw.

The universe is alive. It can be viewed through life, as well as through telescopes. The end goal is the same: life, beauty, and wonder.





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