Fun, Food and Respect with Pumpkins

First, the unchosen, fated to rot in the field and to be plowed under in the spring…

A Pumpkin That Actually Ripens for Halloween is Six Weeks Too Late


Then, the chosen one …


Lit by the finest industrial paraffin.

And in his new environment …

All the Child Attractants Money Can Buy at 50% Off for a Decade


Back to the Eighties, even! Here is my self portrait, taken early yesterday evening, hard at work at the blog.

White Trash?

As You Can Likely Spot, I Was Purchased at a Garage Sale

It was fun. Now I’ve been munching toasted pumpkin seeds all day.

This Was Actually the Original Indigenous Use for Pumpkins

And a darned fine use it is. All that English Getting to Know the New Neighbours By Finding an English Use for What’s In Their Fields tradition is all fine and good, but what about the seeds, hmmm? Shouldn’t we be, like, harvesting the seeds, too?

It’s a great thing to give food to the neighbour’s children, to play at White images of the Indigenous people who saved the Pilgrims’ butts that first cold winter in New England, to commemorate that in a way that connects to ancient Wiccan practice of earth worship, but to complete that, to really do it, to really honour that generosity and spirit, wouldn’t harvesting the seed and roasting it be respectful of our land and our Indigenous cultural ancestors and a sign that we are finally ready to come together and be one people in one field?

It’s Lonely Out There

Oh, wait, ah, I see why not now …

Who on earth wrote the ghost story script for this movie? I’m in the mood for a romantic comedy, you know, or just this, Sherman Alexie’s masterpiece, Smoke Signals.

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