Free Energy and Free Carbon

When’s the last time someone said to you, “Hey, free gas at the pumps today?”

Chinese Elm Meets the Power Line Crew

This is all the wood that no one in the neighbourhood felt that they couldn’t split.

Here’s just a little of what I managed to drag home in the heat …

When’s the Last Time Someone Said: “Oh, I got a lot of these propane cylinders around here, why don’t you take some home?”

Elm wood waiting to be hauled to the back yard, and smelling like wine.

Really. It smells like wine.


When’s the Last Time You Opened a Bottle of Wine With a Maul and Wedges?

Or an oil well, for that matter.

Every gram of wood carbon that goes up the chimney is a gram that is already a part of the carbon cycle and a gram of petrocarbons that is not and that gets to stay in the ground where it belongs. Long live weeds!




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