Neon Green Bee 2: Wild Interface

A few days ago, I found a neon green bee up in the hills. Yesterday, I found a different species  of these beauties. Here’s her story…

Ditch Flowers

A splash of blue mid-day, and closing up for the night, chicory lives in long linear colonies in the Okanagan. 

An invasive weed to some, cornflowers bloom around the roads here in the summers, and then in an effort to eradicate them midsummer, road crews mow them down, effectively spreading their seeds for miles. I’ve peered into a lot of them, and have found no insects, but look what happens when they’re put up against wild land …

A Second Species of Green Sweat Bee!

Unlike the one I found last week, her abdomen is drab in colour.

But just look at what she and her sisters are collecting…

White Pollen!

Talk about specialty products capable of wowing the world.

Someone’s on this right now, right? Right? Here’s a new agricultural product that could be grown out on the hills, cheating the cheatgrass out of a bit of dominance, and supporting wild bee populations. If someone gets his or her head around some cool bee breeding or domestication, then white pollen, and who knows what other kinds of pollen, can be selectively harvested. After all, something’s got to keep the green sweat bees alive, out there on the hills, where almost all the flowers have been destroyed by cheatgrass.

White Clover

Showing how to beat cheatgrass: rise above it so that you’re there when it’s not. 

Cheatgrass may steal all the early season water and make life rough if not impossible for most wildflowers, but any that can get above it will thrive in the wet month of June, when cheatgrass has already, prematurely, gone to fire starter. Chicory looks like it could do that.

It’s a different world out there now. Let’s work with it. The bees sure are trying to.

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