Spiritual Revolutions

There was a time in the world, long before science was even a newborn in diapers, when the earth was considered to be a spiritual space. To organize it, all you had to do was put it into a book. It was a bit of an effort, but in times, and at certain places, it came to be. Many of those early efforts at creating iPhones, now look like this now:

Virtual Reality Book, Valle Crucis Abbey, Wales

The case has cracked at the corner from over use. Isn’t that always the way.

One of the issues with this kind of book technology is that it proposed that the world outside of its pages was virtual, and that its own bookish technology was not technology at all but the world. You have to really twist your head into knots to get into the debate, but it  was a hot one among humans for a long time. Now that it is largely settled, it is continued mostly by ruminating sheep.

The Sacred Trees of Wales, and Their Sheep

In a book tradition quite different from that of Valle Crucis Abbey, language got its start with the casting of sticks cut from the ancestors of these trees and cast onto cloth. The intersections were read, much in the way people now read Amazon Kindles.

And now look what we have: both of these languages are written across the earth at the same time.  To read them now, you have to read them together:

The Language of the Trees and the Language of the Book Meet

Their meeting place is called the earth.

Both of these languages are book forms that a man or woman can walk through. We like to think that we make these worlds, but what if we weren’t there first? What if  what humans take so much effort to try to achieve, other creatures manage with hardly the ruffle of a feather…

Raven Contemplating the Flow of History While the Humans are Lunching on Shore


Raven In the Flow

A little noontime wash does wonders, while underwater the young salmon watch, breathing the water they swim in.

Just up the street, above a cupcake shop, there’s a bookstore that sags and sprawls its way halfway to the eighteenth century and back, proof that for 200 years humans have managed to forestall the death of the book by recreating it as literature. Deep in its entrails, you can find the future foretold…

The Cry of Books, Begging Their Humans to Take Them Home

Just like the abbey, books have come to rest now. Humans are back in the spiritual world, physical spiritual creatures, dealing physically with physical spiritual stuff. Like our raven having a bath while a group of humans above had macaroni and cheese, clam chowder, and haddock and chips, all for their own reasons. Meanwhile, the story carries on…

Humans Have Managed to Write Another Chapter in the Story of the Trees

Valle Crucis Abbey enters each day along with the trees it tried to replace. They have both called it a truce. 

There is, in other words, no going back, but there is going forward together. Let’s.

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