Our Pack Leader

For ten years my friend and tracker Winston and I went out every day into the world. In all, we walked 15,000 kilometres of this planet together, and when I slipped on a hill or the ice, there was always someone there to hold me up. He was also always eager to show me what my frail body had missed, which I honoured by paying attention. In the last few months a couple hundreds of those kilometres led through the grasslands and into this blog. Today, we celebrate our co-editor here. Mr. Winston left us yesterday morning. Good Boy, Winston.

Your Blog Co-Host, On Location

October 2011. Pillar Lake.

No one loved life like Winston did. We’ll continue to walk in his trails.

Your Editors, Heading Out Along the Gray Canal

Peace to you all.

For more on Winston, including the long, award-winning poem he helped write, please wander over to our other online home.

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  1. Oh, Winston — he of the large heart and slobbery kisses. He’ll be missed. Having lost three bold companions over the past twenty five years, I can only say that life is never the same without them, though it often offers new and interesting additions.


  2. A very lovely tribute to an important part of your family. He had a personality as big as all outdoors – the world he loved and lived in every day. His heart was filled with love both by you and for you every day that you shared together and I believe he knew that feeling was mutual. Beautiful boy!


  3. Harold, I am so sorry to hear about Winston, co-editor of the books we worked on together. He and Sandy played such an important role. Your spirit will be with him where he now walks, and his spirit will walk with you. There are still many more kilometres to share together.
    Winston be with you.


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