Xeriscaping Alternatives

It’s all the buzz these days: xeriscaping. It’s a big name for a kind of landscaping that conserves water. Where do you start? It’s easy. You have your new home in the Okanagan and you want to, like, blend in. Grass will do the trick:

Xeriscaping with Grass, on a Budget

Don’t be fooled by the low-water gravel landscaping here. This grass needs watering every second night, after midnight, controlled by timers. High on romance, but a bit low on the water-conservation index.

Looking for something with more historical connection to the land, and less greedy for water? Here’s an option:

Landscaping, with a Farm Flair

If you are going to landscape in the style of the valley’s agricultural heritage, don’t be put off by the expense of fruit trees, irrigation schemes, crop failure, marketing schemes, and all that. They’ll bust your head. Just remember: agriculture is as much about fences as it is about growing things.  The choice of green for your walls is important, though. An excellent low-water choice.

A somewhat more lively low-water choice, however, might be this:

Wild Juniper

The best of both worlds! It lives, it grows, it’s green and it needs no water at all.

The choice is yours. Now, how hard was that?

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  1. Oh this made me laugh so uproariously, ha ha. Dry humor, right? Love your blog! I’ve been researching permaculture and love your xeriscape posts. My family purchased land in Okanogan and your blog has been very informative regarding the use and creation of microclimatic zones based on the seasonal flow of water.


    • So good to hear from you. I’d love to hear about your microclimatic work. Where in the valley are you? Best, Harold


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