I was intrigued last Wednesday by the broken bits of concrete trucked off for highway fill that were reclaimed (a second time!) by a beekeeper to protect his supers from the wind. I presume they were chosen because, being flat, they stayed where they were put. Then I noticed this:

One Round Rock

Holding its own, too! 

In the last few weeks, I have written a lot about water and light, which may seem a departure from the practical social, political, and economic discussions of a valley cut in two by the US-Canadian Border, but I think if we’re going to give ourselves to this land, we’re going to need to see the opportunities that match this environment. Otherwise, we’re just doing this:

Homeless in Paradise

…and leaving when the sun goes down.

Of course, even homeless people know things that people who live in houses don’t. This, for example:

Homeless? Hardly. King of the City, Really

Of course, the hike up the cliff is a bit rough. I bet the summer nights are grand, though

Perhaps “homeless” is the wrong word for people living rough.

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