Snowing Fog

Now, this is a pretty fun kind of precipitation: tiny crystals of fog, that might add up to a centimetre after a day or two. But it looks pretty great on the ground:

Etching Rock with Snow

Every tiny face of this old lava flow catches the light differently, in patterns laid down by gravity and water. Pure music.

Here’s another example of how gravity can suddenly become visible in weather like this:

Flicker Perch on the Heights

This wild cherry tree, dead for years now, still holds the carbon it made out of the air, high up towards the sun. By the looks of it, the verticality of the plants in this scene do a good job of exactly counterbalancing the downward thrust of the rock. For some reason, it’s invisible without the snow.

I wasn’t the only one watching the fog fall to earth today. Speaking of gravity …

Northern Flicker in the Snow Fog

A few minutes before, this tree was vertical!

If experience is any indication, this snow will evaporate soon enough. It’s not like snow in other parts, that melts and turns to water. Here in the super-dessicated air east of the Coast Mountains it’s like the sky’s breath, resting for awhile, then taking flight again.

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