First Peoples

Coyote Hunting

I ran into an old friend today, high on the hill. First sign, here:

Coyote and His Family at 4000 Feet

To him, the valley is a river of light. He goes down into the grass and comes up into the snow and looks low-flying aircraft in the eye.

Humans have other ideas what do do with the dizzying heights, and I don’t just mean taking the Cessna out for a twirl. Here we are, a little further along, where Coyote has something to say about throwaway culture:

The Lost Christmas Tree Graveyard of the Okanagan

Coyote, as you can see, has tried to spruce up the Ghost of Christmas Past with a festive touch. I mean, the poor guy has got to live here.

Still moving downhill, we come to the long migrations of the deer:

Deer Trying to Get Around the Pinot Noir

There is something about inhabiting the landscape in terms of paths that go up and down rather than back and forth that seems to escape human intelligence. For this reason, I think, we invented aircraft. By taking off horizontally, planes go up. 

Coyote, though, has his ways, and gets down. Here he is, heading over to the nearest fast food joint:

Coyote Demonstrating The Proper Way For Approaching A Hayfield Restaurant

If I was a California Pocket Gopher, I’d start digging, down, fast.

And, a couple seconds later,

Folks, That’s How It’s Done

In Okanagan tradition, in fact in the tradition of the entire Intermontane Grasslands, from Tatla Lake to 150 Mile and Soda Creek to Lytton and Spences Bridge to the Rockies and Kamloops to California, Coyote was the father of all peoples. That’s because he’s a smart guy and has a really handsome tail.

Here’s Coyote with a few of his boy toys.

Coyote Shows Off a Few of The Aircraft at His Airport

Okanagan Landing

Maybe Christmas trees can be thrown away. Coyote, though, passes through our fences like they were water.

May he prosper long and well and continue to show us the way.

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  1. Thanks for keeping us abreast of these important goings on! We see coyote on the north shore as well. But it’s usually just his head, peeking over the top of a small hill.


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