Hunting the Winter Migration

Gulls came by …


… and made a defensive ball…


…once they’d met the locals (OK, he plunged straight through them) …


… and scattered towards the west …


… while the local hawk continued …


… and so did the gulls …


Fare well.

Travelling Time

This is the season of travellers. A couple hundred showed up yesterday, as the last of the sun burst in under the clouds, with its deep orange rays come in horizontally from the horizon …top

Waxwings Resting on Their Way

Taking turns feeding on juniper berries.

I was reminded that the life of this place is anchored far away, and comes and goes like the tides.


Farewell, Travellers!

Two views of a tree: one flying off, one remaining still.

And all that from going in a wobbly circle around the sun. This, too, is part of the story of cosmological physics. Cool!