Endangered species

Geese, Scrambled Eggs and Shame

We are killing geese again. This is stupid. Have a look at the natural range of Canada Geese in North America:


Pretty much everywhere, really. Now, here’s the director of a group proud for reducing the goose population by upwards of 20,000 birds over the last 15 years, giving us the skinny on that map:

Kate Hagmeier of the program says egg addling is being done because Canada geese aren’t a natural species in the region, adding several different subspecies were introduced to the Okanagan in the 1960s and ’70s.


Now, to see just how that works, here is North America again, this time with a green dot for the Okanagan Valley in question:

See that? Year-round geese. There are three wishy-washy things here. First, Canada Geese are native to almost all of North America, but not the fine goose habitat of the Okanagan Valley? That’s hard to believe. Second, all Canada Geese are protected by international law. Third, a sub-species, native in one place, is protected, even while it migrates, while the same sub-species, introduced to the Okanagan in the 1970s, is not. That would be like saying if I captured a protected bird on the Pacific Coast, trucked it to the Okanagan, and set it free on the lakeshore, it would no longer be protected and I could shoot it at will. That is a mockery of the law. Nothing good can come from this kind of cynical thought. What a shameful culture.

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