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  1. On a related topic. . . when we lived in Delta, our rented farmhouse had an old orchard in it. Healthy trees, but not pruned for 25 or more years. I planted some saplings and all of them got canker very badly. What to do about it? An old European nursery-man said: “Oh, you have to grow full-size trees–they are much tougher.”


    • The canker comes in the winter damp. Blows on the wind for many kilometres. It hits the younger branches on the old trees too. The cankers don’t stay infectious, though, but the damage is done. Some varieties are hurt more by it than others. Macs really suffer. So do cox orange and golden delicious.

      On Mon, Apr 11, 2022 at 10:28 AM Okanagan Okanogan wrote:



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