Dramatic Okanagan Weather

Some of it is urban off-gassing. Ouch.

You can see thin blue exhaust over the lake in the distance, wafting north from Kelowna, and more of it in Shorts Creek Canyon in behind. This white line, though. Whoa.

Terrible about the smoke, though.

The line is lying against the eastern shore of the north arm of the lake and pushing south. It looks like a single river of cold air from the north that the hotter, wetter, smoky air from Kelowna (off to the image’s left) and Vernon and Coldstream (off the image’s left bottom corner), are trapping between them as it leaves the steep lake shore to the north. Rather than spread out here in the open, it is creating a standing wave of its adversaries and colliding with the Commonage below the Sparkling Hill Resort.

Nice Brown Clouds. The New Winter Normal.

This kind of thing happens often on high mountain peaks, but to see it here on the valley bottom, is stunning. The next day (yesterday), we were in a world of fog by dawn. The cold and the warmth had called it a draw. We are living in the sky, right out there, in the open. Summer, please take your sweet time. We’re in no rush.

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