First Peoples

Surf’s Up in Vernon!

Really. Big breakers today. Sailboat getting into trouble in Canim Bay.

Not that the surfers aren’t glad. Whoo ha!

Here’s one showing us her technique!

See that? It’s not that ducks swim. They walk in water! Very nice. But the real surfers are the geese.

How fun is that, right!

Honk! Honk! Honk!

Pretty fun. And the feathers only get a little ruffled. Bonus.

Improvised technique is encouraged. Geese have never experienced this before. The city is allowing road sand to drift out of the creek, to enlarge the beach, hush hush, top secret, and, no doubt, get rid of the native mussels that are preventing their dreams of rivalling the Côte d’Azur. May I introduce you to a technique learned from the many Seadoos that cruise these waters in human mating season.

What a great splash!

The geese don’t know that as part of the South of France look, they are to be shot next year, the whole lot of them, because, well, there’s no room on the planet for geese and the City of Vernon. Apparently. The city has declared geese to be an introduced species. Only here, in all of North America, were they not present until the 1930s. Hunh. Still, the geese are making the most of the time they have now. Cruising over the big swells like it’s Diamond Head!


Very suave.


And celebrating another big wave with style.


What a triumph, pure and simple. You can see that the Missus on the left is very impressed. I mean, the other day, what was she doing? Freezing her feet off to pick some salad, that’s what, at -4.

But not today! I love these guys. Even the goose on the upper right of the flock below.

Upside down, legs akimbo! What fun. But, you see, they’re geese. No one minds. Among geese, it’s all OK. It’s just a fun day at the beach. I mean 6 degrees out! Whoa, eh.



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  1. The sub-species called Giant Canada Geese were thought extinct until someone found them on the ground of the Mayo Clinic. They were protected and induced to live elsewhere in natural settings like golf courses and playing fields and beaches. I don’t know what subspecies these are, but they taste real good when prepared as schnitzel. Verno-schnitzel could be the treat to be served at the new Cote.


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