Family Apartments for Rent in Vernon

Two-newly renovated view apartments available for spring occupancy in prestigious subdivision! First-come, first-served. Rent: $0. No damage deposit required. This property lies adjacent to a popular hiking trail and has a million-dollar view over orchards, wildlife and the complex life of Vernon’s Beach and Waterfront neighbourhood. They won’t last at this price. Start planning your move today! Here’s your view. Note the Ambrosia and Royal Gala apple orchards, a wildlife refuge on an old pick-your-own tomato field, a rewilded arae on a Japanese Canadian orchard from the 1940s, a real piece of history, that, and the Vernon Creeklands below. Most of the time, the geese fill the air with musical honking, but most of the time they are in the valley bottom, leaving you to the peace of the wild cherry bushes along the Grey Canal Trail.

As a bonus, there’s a new creek valley under construction on the slope behind you. What a great place for the kids to play among the snow buckwheat, the mule deer …

Paradise, Really

… and the swallows.

These properties are being offered because the people of the neighbourhood just want more neighbours. Some days, we just get lonely. After the last tenants moved out a couple years ago, the apartments were renovated from top to bottom. Advertising was spotty, though, which is why I’m making a call here today. I hope you will start planning a move to the Bella Vista Hills today! What a location, with peekaboo views of that great inland fjord, Okanagan Lake, and just off Highway 97, bridging Mexico and Alaska! It makes it easy to find and easy to live in!

Don’t wait too long. Spring is just around the corner. And now the apartments. Here is “Cottonwood House”, the west apartment. Nicely shaded from the afternoon sun, with a private entrance facing the parade of walkers on the park trail below. Never a dull moment here while you’re waiting for the kids to break out of their shell!

And here is “Sunshine Cottage” for the sun lovers, out in the open grass and alfalfa, with a private entrance, discretely turned away from prying eyes. A family moved in last spring, but were forced to move out due to an unexpected family crisis. The place is, however, fully-furnished and move-in ready! Mom-approved, this one, too!

It deserves a closer inspection:

Note the excellent insulation in the attic here. Cozy, or what! Definitely a fine piece of real estate, and, yes, in case you are asking, zero commission! Don’t be shy, now. As we say up on the hill, Come Home to the Okanagan! ®. Don’t be shy.

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