Ah, The Sunny Vineyards of the Okanagan!

The vines spend over 6 months in the fog, though.

So, that’s half of everything they do! It’s hard to imagine that their roots aren’t reacting to the fog, or that the fungii and bacteria in the soil aren’t, which is much the same thing.

Perhaps the day will come when vineyards advertise their winter fog and how their strategies for strengthening its effects are reflected in the cool durability of their wines. I look forward to it!

The vines know it well already. As an example of how powerful little changes in aspect and exposure can be in the fog, take a look at the neighbour’s fence:

Think of the exposed boards as the soil surface, and the rich growth on the shaded, inner boards as underground life, the stuff that grapes are rooted in. It’s life as small and hidden as that that prepares next year’s wine all winter long, so don’t you think it’s time to sing the praises of foggy vineyards?

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