The Beauty of Okanagan Nature

Nature is hard to create. You will need a tractor and a mower, and you will need to get stuck in the swamp every few feet and struggle out, but in the end you will have a perfect and beautiful place to walk.

Well, until a gate stops you, and then, alas, disorder just takes over. Why, there’s not even room for a human to walk there at all.

Grey Canal Trail, Vernon

If you’re going to live fully-integrated in a mechanized, petro-society, really, you have to keep the Earth at bay. It’s a thing.

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  1. There’s one caveat: trails are sometimes necessary to enable handicapped folks (partially-abled) to access areas. I am fortunate to have a neighbour who will do the work as per instructions: “widen the path a little” but do not change the essential layout of the land.”


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