Endangered species

Murdering Geese for Tourists. It’s What We Do.

These geese.

Come June, they will be herded with kayaks, put on a truck, killed, and dumped in the landfill. These geese:

On a beach that has silted in with road sand dumped into the creek, obliterating endangered mussel habitat.

It’s like swimming on the shoulder of the road. The rocks were added manually.

This beach, where an invasive weed rototiller fills the beach with crap.

Try lying on this in your near nakedness and pretending you are at Mazatlan. Go on. Give it a go.

The geese are condemned to be murdered wholesale because they poop on the beach, thus making it dangerous for humans. Best look at the image above again and think about that (don’t forget to think of the water weeds clutching at you should you swim out there) and then look at the one below.

Hundreds of kilometres of beaches devoted to wealthy humans, and one kilometre available to geese, who are now going to be murdered for daring to be on this planet. One city councillor even had the nerve to say that Canada geese are not native here. They are native to every over pond, ditch and lake in British Columbia, but not here? Oh, please, do look at the image below, keeping the sand dumped into the beaver’s creek in mind.

That’s the beach we’re talking about. Notice that these poplars, planted 90 years ago, oversized and ready to fall, are being protected from the beavers who live in the creek, at great expense. Apparently, beavers are unwanted on this one free kilometre of the lake, too. Off of the planet with them! And while we’re at it, why not attack the trees as well:

That’ll show them. I think the attack on the elm below is more artful yet:

A True Masterpiece of Cruelty

Well, that’s my city. It’s a place where humans attempt to kill a lake, its creatures and its shores so they can make money off of each others’ desire to touch each other. This is called “recreation.” This bunch makes these decisions:

I really like how they’re sticking to the “benefit our environment” schtick. That takes more than even a fair share of settler culture blindness, if not arrogance, ignorance and pure cowardice. I wish they would at least be honest: we murder geese so you can lie on the beach as if it were pristine. And British Columbians wonder why Indigenous people are angry. Angry? I’m angry. They’re patient as can be. Vernon’s goal is all about sustainability, as in:

A complete community without a living Earth? Are these guys for real?

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  1. Unbelievable, and I thought our farmers in Germany were ugly characters, frightening them away from the meadows and fields for their poops, but afterwards spreading large loads of pig and hen’s dung and slurry from the factory farms there, but this beats all!


  2. I’m a minority voice: I say “eat the geese.” This is after protecting the shorelines from sunbathers (except in a few spots) by reintroducing native reeds or other vegetation to the riparian zone, banning ski-doos from the lake, declaring an open season on waterskiiers,slow-no-wake restrictions with 200 metres of shorelines, etc.

    (Sorry to offend any vegetarians, but Canada goose schnitzel is delicious.)


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